Zone Yourselves in...

About the Zone and whatever:


I am Lukas and this is a big project for think of this as the other side of with cool experiments and more cool things.

Fun fact: Lukas Zone became way more successful than, resulting in Lukas Zone becoming sort of a business and claiming ownership of

-Lukas Zone on


What can I do? You can do lots of things in Lukas Zone Including:


1. Trying out or viewing a variety of projects and experiments (Homepage, Test Zone, Tests page, and various other pages)

2. Viewing my social media sites to find interesting content (Bitview, Blips, TheRetrobook, Kamtape, Eracast, And Snippr)

3. Taking a quiz for rewards

4. Finding anything old tech related

5. Viewing my animations

6. Waiting for feature heavy updates

And WAY MORE after that.



So why not browse my "website" HERE