What software do you use?


What hardware do you use?

Can I be in your projects?


Only when necessary.


How did you get interested on 90s web?

By Tapeykatt

Before getting interested in the 90s web, I got interested in old Windows thanks to the earliest videos by Windows Expert before they all got deleted(?) After that, I became interested in old hardware, then old software before getting interested in the 2000s internet. Yes, I am more of a 2000s internet fan than a 90s internet fan.



By CatoBloxZ

Lamentablemente no tengo gatos, pero algunos de mis familiares sí. Aunque en mi opinión los gatos siguen molando.


How did you discover BitView?

By Videobodega

The sounds on my MSN randomly disappeared so I had to search up some backup ones. I stumbled upon a BitView video and ended up being amazed that it emulated 2009 YouTube and created an account the following day.