Zone Yourselves in...

Version History:




3.0 May, 2024 version

First version fully developed on the Windows 11 machine, after the Dell still is awaiting its HDD clean-up.

Completely new design.

Video spotlight embeds have been replaced with thumbnails, clicking them takes you to a video page.

Video page added.

Advanced Blackscape (March-April design) replaced with the DigitalDreams layout.

Blue search page bug (that has been in effect since DECEMBER) fixed.

Forum added.

Discord server added.

Branding page added.



2.3 April version

This update is fairly late, but here is a list of some of the things that have changed:



2.1 February version:

Well, this has been the longest delay between versions, lets see what's new since 2.01 and 2.02!

2.02 Late December/Early January version:

Happy New Years!

2.01 December version:

Merry christmas!

1.74.5 Late November version:

1.7: Thanksgiving version:

Happy Thanksgiving!

1.6 November version:

Yes, I was a little bit late on making this version, but enjoy!

1.5 October version:

Yes, I know some of these changes have already been explained but here is what has changed since 1.4:

Some pages may still not be finished due to my pace but I promise I will finish these pages by the end of the month.

1.4.8 October version public beta 2:

1.4.7 October version public beta 1:

1.4.1 September version restore and fix.

1.4: September version:

1.3: August version:

Project swirl has been launched, check it out HERE. Added advertisements, added a blog, changed the homepage a little bit.

1.2: July version:

Im sorry that Lukas Zone did not get updated on June. Lukas Zone social took 16 days to complete. Lukas Zone social and new Lukas Zone design for testing added.

1.1.1: Bug fix for 1.1:

fixed a popular issue where some files did not show up in the uploading progress resulting in pages and text not showing up.

1.1: first final version:

I cant believe this is happening. it took more than a month to make this as it is. finalized the website. added the link bar. this version is surprisingly only 3.28 megabytes.

1.095: public beta:

there isn't much of a difference but is officially transitioning into a lukas zone project.

1.09: 4/30 development version:

integrated blips into lukas zone. added the testing page and an announcement. revised some pages.

1.08: 4/25 development version:

im sorry for the long development pause. I had lots of other projects to work on.

1.07: 4/15 development version.

1.06: 4/10 development version.

1.05: 4/02 development version.

1.0: html version.