Welcome to the Lukas Zone blog. This page contains any new features and important information.





August 1st, 2023:


Lukas Zone integration continues:


Welcome to the first blog post. This blog will contain new features and important information for and Lukas Zone.

On may 1st 2023, around later stages in Lukas Zone's development (version 1.095), Lukas Zone acquired shortly after, 2.0 has released with a background overhaul due to the acquiring of This month, I will be releasing Lukas Zone 1.3 and 2.2 with further rebranding of


Improving promotion with ads:


Starting august 2023, and Lukas Zone will be containing ads. This move will boost promotion and give a chance for websites to grow their audience. Unlike most websites, these ads will not be powered by analytics and will instead be manually selected by myself. Every website/service I chose to advertise is a website/service that I want to give a "Shoutout" to.



May 22, 2023:


All of Lukas Zone has been restored:


--lukaszone on blips


Here is a log about my progress (It took 18 minutes):