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this page will explain my own concepts and if it succeeded or not.


1. .LUK programming language

Picture of  "Hello world", written in the LUK programming language.


This is the concept of a programming language I made called LUK. Here is what would make up a LUK file:



This is a portion of the code that would check for any errors in the code. This would be a required portion of the code to be counted as valid and must meet the following requirements:

1. This MUST NOT be modified.

2. The code must be placed near the top of the code after "[PROGRAM]=/START\"

3. The associated file "ERROR1" must not be modified or deleted.

If the requirements aren't met, the client would not load the file and the code will not load

Here is the code for the error check:

[CHECK ACCUR]= #1# for {YES}, #0# for {NO}
<IF RESULT IS #1#> = /MOVE TO LINE #14#\
[OPEN] = (C:/Program files/luk client/Message/ERROR1.VB)



This part of the code would be defined with a piece of text like this:


An action would tell the client to look through a list of functions to find the specific action requested. Updates to the client would add more functions to this list.

2. lukas portal:

lukas portal is a simple browser made in visual basic where the browser opens up a web portal with web features such as checking the news and searching the web. the main challenge is getting all of the needed files on another computer.