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Project swirl is a project created by me to release a new layout for Lukas Zone. But this isn't an ordinary new layout, it is a special layout that barely any websites use anymore:


This is a prototype version of Lukas Zone swirl. as of now, Lukas Zone swirl only contains the links, more coming soon.



1. The 90's aesthetic feels unique on this design, sort of reminds me of the space jam website (not the new legacy version)

2. This website contributes to newstalgia, a recent trend where websites, logo's, etc combines the good parts of retro and modern. Allthough Lukas Zone swirl is more to the retro aesthetic than the modern aesthetic, it sort of feels like it combines the old design of Lukas Zone (called blackscape)  and the possibilities for the future of Lukas Zone.



1. This design is mostly made of layers. This means that the page wont show up correctly unless the screen is at a certain size.


(Lukas Zone swirl will be best viewed on browser window with a resolution of 908x736).




Every Lukas Zone layout by august 2023:


blackscape (Finished may, 2023):


purplerule (Finished august, 2023):


Swirl (Finishing sometime from September, 2023 to January, 2024):