the xp machine.


every once and a while, I will post something new to this page about the windows xp computer that I got from the bankrupt powertrain industries.


my windows xp computer in action:




somewhere in the 2010's, powertrain industries removed every windows xp machine (including the one I got) and strangely replaced them with Macs. also, they killed most of the hard drives so they cant be accessed. but in 2022, they went back to windows (windows 10 computers of course). and in 2023, they're parent company doorman got sold.

there was only 4 computers that they had before they had windows 10 computers. only 3 of them were not being planned to be moved somewhere. and only 1 had full functionality.

when powertrain industries went out of business, they were giving away everything to clear the space. I got one of the 2 computers. and I choose the second option because the first one had signs of hard drive failure.

left: "the first one"

right: "the second option"


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